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A custom CRM allowing Ossis to store, manage and process all communication between it’s staff and key stakeholders during the process of a custom Orthopedic implant.


The Brief:

The brief formed two parts:

Firstly to undergo market research with an aim of finding a suitable CRM off the shelf capable of handling all of Ossis’s unique business functions. Secondly, to  develop either a custom CRM or to modify an existing off the shelf model.


The challenge:

Market research conducted by our team proved Cloud CRM options failed to deliver the full suite of functions needed to compliment the Ossis CRM business strategy.

IT licensing costs made it infeasible to use Cloud based CRM solutions with per seat charges costs ranging from $30-$50 per month. The challenge for us was how could we develop a custom CRM that would eliminate similar costs to the business.


Code And Pixels developed a custom CRM solution that:

Solved the monthly IT licensing problems outlined in the challenge above. Stakeholders are able to use it throughout the Implant development life cycle without any fee attached.

Removed function redundancy: Functions were developed specifically around Ossis business strategies that were simply not available on the shelf.

New functions, capabilities, features or reports can be added cost effectively. With a customised business software solution, we put Ossis in control to ensure they won’t need to purchase a whole new system whenever you need to make changes.

Custom mobile designs for Phones and Tablets: Although the responsive design model has it’s advantages, we took their mobile experience a step further by developing custom mobile experiences for both Phone’s and the Tablet’s.


Here’s a list of custom functions we developed for Ossis

  • Create jobs  allows Ossis to add new jobs into the messaging system.
  • Job access privileges allows Ossis to set who can see jobs. Ossis can set jobs as hidden or public. Hidden jobs can not only be accessed by Ossis staff. Public jobs can be accessed by invitation only.
  • Discussion mode is commonly used before an official job has been created. While in Discussion mode the CRM layout changes by removing all job related tools. Ossis can append discussions to jobs should they decide to create a job after the discussions have ended.
  • Job mode is used to manage, store and process data that has been gathered during the life cycle of a job. While in job mode the CRM layout changes to reveal all job related tools.
  • Milestones allows Ossis to set milestones against each job so that Surgeons can see which stage they are in during the implant development process.Create jobs  allows Ossis to add new jobs into the messaging system.
  • Adding people into jobs allows Ossis to invite other parties into jobs post job creation. Invites are categorised as Internal invites and External invites. External parties are defined as anyone outside of Ossis. Internal parties are defined as Ossis staff.
  • Email piping allow invitees to respond to comments via their Ossis account email address.
  • Two factor authentication is a data security measure which validates the Surgeons credentials by requiring two distinct forms of identification, often a combination of something the user knows, like a password and email address, and something the user possesses, like a cell phone.
  • Real time messaging is the primary communication tool used by Surgeons, Invitees, and Ossis. Email piping will allow invitees to reply to comments via email. All correspondence will appear neatly inside the CRM.
  • Avatars are used to identify the author of each comment. In situations where an avatar is not available, the system will use the author’s initials as his/her avatar.
  • People involved provides a visual of all users who have access to a particular job. The visual is represented as avatars. In situations where an avatar is not available, the system will use the invitee’s initials as his/her avatar.
  • Advanced reporting outputs surgeon, patient, jobs, and account manager statistics.
  • Add private notes per job allows Ossis to add private notes into jobs. Notes are only viewable to Ossis staff members.
  • Calendars for scheduling follow ups allows Ossis to set scheduled follow up calls with Surgeons / account managers. A date field labelled “Schedule a follow up” will be added inside each Surgeon’s account area. A reminder email will be sent to the Ossis staff member 24 hours prior to the date set. A second and final email reminder will be sent 12 hours prior.

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